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    May 14, 2013
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discovered the actress had a mutated b-r-c-a "one" gene, in her case... an 87 percent risk of breast cancer as well as a fifty percent risk of ovarian can so what is the test, and who should get tested? linda yee explains. { track} it's a simple blod test that involves a complid gene. everyone has so- call b-r-c-a genes -- it's only angelina jolies ' surgeriese a success .. both are happyh
their decision. but doctors say it's really an individu choice. there are many other options besides removing hey tissues or
organs. they include active screening .. where patients are examined every months... get yearly mammograms... sometimes eve annual m-r-i. linda yee, thank you. when it comes to genetic tes for breast cancer - the insurance rules are about to change. coming up at six o'clock - y this four thousan >> the insurance rules are about to change. coming up at 6:00 tonight, why this $4,000 test is expected to get a whole lot cheaper. tough questions about brittle bolts are leaving one lawmaker to doubt cal trans ability to handle big projects. ann was in sacramento for the hearing on the new span. >> the public is watching. there's a big question mark over the bridge. >> reporter: that's how the senators opened up their remarks leaving no doubt they were concerned about the handling of this project. >> i have to be honest about it.
whether it's honestly or translation problem, i don't think they've communicated to me or the general public why this happened. >> reporter: what has happened is a bridge that months from the debut is in question. 32 snap bolts on the east peer with a fix that will cost up to $10 million. more than 400 bolts perhaps vulnerable on the signature tower and thousands more that need inspection. cal tran said they came up with a unique test. >> it will give us the best sense on how they'll perform under tension over the long term. we need them to last decades. >> reporter: the decision was made in 2002 with eyes wide open to use bolts that deviated from the usual specifications by a list of experts. >> we don't have a monorisk problem. every bolt is not just like the bolts that broke and every bolt is not susceptible in the same way. >> reporter: cal tran is under
as much scrutiny as the bolts. >> i'm vocal about my belief there's a culture in cal tran that's not transparent and not responsive enough. >> reporter: the committee doesn't take any action on what they heard today. this hearing was for information. as you heard the state senator say he's hoping the answers he heard today are truthful. cause of the mystery landsle that' homeowners in a subdivision zeroing in on what they believe is the cause of a mystery landslide that has been swallowing up their houses. it's happening in a lake county sub decision. 8 houses have been abandoned and ten more are under evacuation notice. finding the cause is no guarantee for solution. >> reporter: after a second round of soil testing residents believe they now know the cause of their problems. they say it's water. water they think is coming from
county pipes. that's the message they took to the board of supervisors today. until now homeowners in this development were as mist fied as everyone else what was causing the land to slip away leaving broken and abandon houses behind. now they have an idea. if it checks out maybe a chance to recover the losses. >> is it possible that the water that showed up on april 30th was related to the leak just 50 to 75 feet above it in the water line? >> reporter: randall fitzgerald estimates a half million gallons of water may have leaked from county pipes into the hillside. unless the tests result support the leaking water aligned theorys homeowners are stuck with no insurance and worse. >> people facing bankruptcy and people facing displacement from their homes and no insurance coverage and insult to injury,
they are being told they have to demolish at their own expense? >> reporter: it's been called a disaster in slow motion. >> there's a crack completely across it. you can visually see a drop in elevation between the upper part and the lower part at the north end of lancaster. these are all signs that there's still movement. >> reporter: it will take a few more weeks of ground testing to learn what's going on beneath the surface. one supervisor suggests it may be the accumulation of many problems beginning with soil movement, leaking pipes and allegedly poor construction. >> i think there's a number of different variables contributing to what we're seeing happen today. >> reporter: slide victims now believe they have good reason to get some help from the state and others. while the talking continues the sliding continues, too. >> thanks so much. we're going to move to breaking news out of san jose. we're learning a child has been
killed after being hit by an suv. this happened at 3:30 this afternoon. it's the 300-block of blue field drive in south san jose south of west capital expressway. a woman walking with that child has been taken to the hospital apparently with nonlife threatening injuries. the driver of the suv stopped, is cooperating with investigators. police do not believe drugs or alcohol factors in this incident but get you more details as we get them. two westbound lanes on highway 237 in sunnyvale reopened after small brush fires caused headaches for drivers. multiple fires shut down the highway between zanker and first street. they asked nearby main will remember school to keep students on campus after hours because parents were stuck in the back up. eastbound lane reopened two hours ago. should the legal definition
of drinking and driving be changed? one influential agency says yes. following a death on the bay, america's top organizers make their decision on the future of the race. while the epic budget deficit is gone, the problems aren't over yet. what's putting the brakes on the fiscal rebound? good evening to you. plenty of sunshine, but temperatures keep decreasing. i'll explain why as we take a live look outside. we'll talk about how low the temperatures will go and when some may have a chance of rain. that's next. ,,,,,,
but the fede if you've been drinking we know the legal limit if you get behind the wheel. >> it may require a lower limit. mark zaire is joining us with
more on the push for.05. >> reporter: that's right. right now all 50 states observe the .08 standard. as a nation we can do more. the ultimate goal, to have no drunk driving deaths at all. for a man weighing 160 pounds you can reach the current blood alcohol limit of .08 by drinking about three beers. under the new suggested lower standard of .05 it may take two or fewer to reach the limit. they're urging all states to lower the standards in hopes of saving lives. >> it's not unreasonable. you shouldn't drink and drive anyways. >> reporter: david stevens says he's not sure a new law will change behavior. >> i sit and watch people walk out of establishments and hop in cars all the time that shouldn't be driving. every time you drive somewhere late at night there's someone
swerving somewhere. >> reporter: according to the ntsb, about 10,000 people die each year as a result of crashes. that's about a third of all fatal highway crashes. here's the hitch. the board does not have any authority to actually impose the new standard. all it can do is encourage state lawmakers to take action. driver hal carter is all for it. >> i don't think anybody should drive at all if they take one drink. >> reporter: so if it was zero you'd be fine with that? >> yes. >> reporter: driver jeff dennis says he sports the change but no way to know if it will make a difference. >> i think it would be okay. i think drinking anyway and driving is too dangerous. i don't know if it will be better or not. >> reporter: now in a statement the american beverage institute says this recommendation is ludicrous.
in addition to this new lower blood alcohol standard they made 19 other recommendations to try to curve drunk driving including the use of more of the automated sensors in cars to cut off the ignition if the driver is suspected to be intoxicated. the race will go on. what america's cup organizers have to say about the future ofs deadly accident. ,,
"i think that the -- again'm not going to comment on the the stock market marching back into record territory. investors liking the encouraging news about the economy. the dow up 123.5. well, for the obama white house, not a good day. >> i think that again, i'm not going to comment on the specifics of an investigation here. >> that is white house press secretary jay carney who took a grilling on three topics. bengahzi, the secret subpoena of phone records and the irs targeting of conservative political groups. the last item the subject of a criminal investigation. >> i have ordered an investigation to be begun. the fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any laws were broken in connection
with those matters related to the irs. >> more on all three stories coming up on the cbs evening news. the good news, state revenue is soring. the bad news, federal cuts are putting the bke on the budget revival. the governor outlined his proposal at the state capital today. while california has a balanced budget the federal sequester and the payroll tax increase have slowed economic growth. state lawmakers have until june 15th to approve a budget. america's cup is a go. that word coming today from executives with the sailing event. there was some question as to whether the race would be held after last week's accident that killed an olympic sailor. an announcement that all four teams will compete. >> there was not even a thought given this morning at the team's meeting to doing anything but continuing a pace and making
plans and preparations for this summer. >> investigators are trying to determine what caused it to capsize last thursday and looking into what safety changes may be needed. we showed you the relaunch of the parkway project and mobile 5 and kim are going to show us how the doyle drive demolition will cause closures. >> reporter: it's coming along pretty well. this is the old viaduct that's going over lincoln boulevard. now if you remember, the roadway was up on top. that was all concrete. that's been removed now and slowly but surely taking away the steel and the columns, the concrete columns below. beginning tonight at midnight, they will have to shut down several roadways in san francisco. primarily lincoln boulevard below us here and a block down mcdowell and right over here to the north they're going to have to take down the overpass on
highway 1. that's 19th avenue heading up to the bridge. all this has to be done to take the old viaduct down. molly graham from the parkway project says it's a demolition trick called deconstruction. >> beginning tonight there's demolition deconstruction occurring over highway 1. so northbound highway 1 will be closed beginning at midnight until about 4 in the morning. >> reporter: how long will that last? >> that will be about three weeks. it's a short window in the middle of the night. that's when traffic volumes are low. >> reporter: if you're heading northbound at midnight tonight on highway 1, those folks heading up to the bridge they'll be stopped. they'll be moved over to highway 101 and a detour. it will go deery mrvd, vaness boulevard and go around and come up the new viaduct right over here on my other shoulder. that is actually the way you'll get through the city for the
next three weeks if you dt after midnight. the good news is after this mess all comes down, they're going to start putting up the new viaduct. the new columns, three tunnels, the new roadway and all of that will be going on this summer. there might be other delays. this is all going to be finished by 2016 and at a tidy price tag of $1 billion. >> call it one last ride for an iconic symbol of hurricane sandy. the roller coaster finally getting dismantled on the jersey shore. that crane began taking the jet star apart this morning. authorities plan to install a piece of the jet star in the reconstructed casino peer and act as a memorial. somebody here has been on that roller coaster. >> end of an era for you. >> spent some of my formative
years in seaside heights. it was very scary when you're like nine years old. >> they'll build a new one that's scary. >> the jersey shore will be bigger and better. hopefully not on mtv. weather time. you've seen the show. you won't admit it now. mainly sunny skies and got the sunshine but we do not have the heat. temperatures are going down. liver more 72, concord 73. santa rosa is 70 and san jose 70, 60. nothing on the radar. watch out mendosina, you have a chance of showers thursday. concord at 51, if you're walking to school in redwood city 50 will be the morning temperatures. things are changing not so much around here but look at the activity in the north. there's a massive cloud and several storms heading towards the pacific northwest.
all of this stays t the north we'll have a strong area of low pressure passing by to the north and since winds go counterclock wise around it it will enhance the air from the pacific ocean. temperatures will drop more tomorrow and kind of bottom out coming up on thursday. that's when low pressure will make the closest pass and a weak front will pass by. they'll be showers but the immediate bay area including san francisco, oakland, san jose you'll be dry. the rain will be a near miss. we'll stay breezy overnight and some clouds tomorrow. thursday will be cloudy for everybody. it will be chilly. some inland may not hit 70. towards friday it moves out and the weekend plans are a-okay. we're talking about 70ss tomorrow. concord 76, san jose 73. that's a few degrees below average. mid to upper 70s still nice outside. pleasant hill 76, cooler than
today. pittsburgh 77 and dublin tomorrow 75. downtown san francisco 64. richmond 69 degrees with some sunshine tomorrow. temperatures bottom out on thursday and cloudy day. sunshine begins to come back on friday. look at the weekend great weather saturday and sunday. 80s inland. that's a slight chance of showers coming up on thursday. >> paul, thank you. we're following another breaking story out of the south bay right now. a small grass fire is burning near i-280. this is in san jose near the ray street exit. you can see the large plume of smoke there. looks like fire crews are battling the scene right now. we're waiting for more details. it looks like it will burn near the freeway. this is near the ray street exit. we'll be right back. ,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> it is the first rule of shopping. not everything that sounds like a good deal actually is. consumer watch reporter julie watts with a great offer that didn't pay off. >> reporter: he's skeptical of door to door salesman but he couldn't resist. eight oil changes and a slew of other services at this meineke station for $60. when moore tried to redeem the coupons he found they didn't exactly cover the whole oil
change. >> each receipt was different. it went from $9 to $13. >> reporter: each time he went in they charged him for something different. all things supposed to be included. >> on the receipt they said it was for the oil filter. on the coupon it says oil filter is included. it says hazardous waste. on the coupon it says hazardous waste included. >> reporter: the owner says he can no longer afford to honor the coupons sold to about 400 customers by a third party marketing company that now goes by the name american best car care plan. he says the company told him they'd bring in new customers but he didn't get a dime for the deal. >> in a way it's like a groupen. >> reporter: deals like this often go south for the consumer and the company they plan. >> unfortunately they're the only ones that get a good deal. the small business end up losing
money and the individual end up not getting the services they pay for. >> reporter: like don who plans to do his next oil change himself. we reached out to america's best car care plan and the company says it's not responsible if the service station can't fulfill the deal. the owner of meineke is offering don one more free oil change. don turned that down. if you have a problem give us a call. >> will do. we'll be right back. ,,,,
for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside, i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
former cal star chuck munsey died. the runningback with the new orleans saints and san diego chargers passed away from a heart attack yesterday. the legend set records with the bears and played nine seasons before drugs cut his career short. after a stint in prison he helped at risk teenagers and mentored athletes at cal. chuck was 60 years old. new at 6 tonight the $4,000 test. angelina jolie got one and so did miss america. we explain why the tests for breast cancer got cheaper and may you not want to get one. it reminds my of the old days. it's like the wild frontier of california like it used to be. >> the quest for oil leading drillers right here to the bay
area. those stories and much more at 6:00. >> pelley: tonight a criminal investigation of the i.r.s. was i.r.s. targeting of political groups a crime? the justice department opens the case. nancy cordes and wyatt andrews on what the i.r.s. did. the f.b.i. reveals that it sees phone records from 100 reporters. bob orr tells us why. phone records from 100 reporters. >> it was the most difficult decision to make in my life. >> pelley: and refugees from syria sell their daughters in a desperate bid to stay alive in the midst of civil war. clarissa ward investigates. >> how does that make you feel to marry off a 13-year-old girl? captioning sponsored by cbs